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We Cordially Invite You to Visit

Elegantly perched over a tranquil lake in the heart of Phuket’s stylish Laguna district, Skye Lake Club offers a spectacular vista and world class cuisine adjacent to the upscale shops and Villa Market on bustling, nearby Boat Avenue.

Skye Lake Club is one of Phuket’s must visit dining experiences.

Phuketians and visitors alike are invited to savour our unique lakeside experience. We believe your expectations will be exceeded.

Open Daily from 11am-4pm for Lunch and Dinner from 4pm Until Late.

Dine or sip a drink al fresco or in air-conditioned comfort. The view is perfect wherever you sit. Skye Lake Club’s light, airy décor soothes you into a perfect state to relish our exceptional cuisine.

Throwing that special celebration for family, friends or colleagues? Skye Lake Club caters with style and flair for groups of all sizes. Book well in advance to save missing out.


Eclectic and visionary Skye Lake Club’s all day menu harmonizes with Phuket’s cosmopolitan ambience. Thai and light European fare at lunch or fine dining with a succulent steak at dinner. Our menu resonates, literally, with true international flavour.
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Boat Avenue

21/14 Lagoon Rd., Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110

100 meters north of Villa Market




Tel :
076-540939 or 096-9824288

Email :

Website :